Methods to help tighten your vagina

There are a few methods to help improve your lax, ageing vagina, most require ongoing dedication on a daily basis, you can try and ‘find’ your inner muscles by practicing your Kegel’s, the best way to find these is to try and halt your urine mid flow, not easy but can be achieved, and then a couple of times a day try to simulate this whilst perhaps making a cup of tea.  There are also exercise apparatus easily purchased on the internet and to be used frequently to try to strengthen the vaginal wall, surgery is also an option but of course is expensive, slightly risky and has a slow recovery period of several months.

How to tighten your vagina fast and pain-free

The newest most effective treatment is the minimally invasive clinic treatment from Syneron Candela it’s the CO2RE Intima laser treatment, it’s a walk in, walk out treatment that can even in one treatment solve a multitude of issues for vaginal rejuvenation, anything from a lax saggy vagina, to Prolapse, Urinary Stress Incontinence (Leaky Bladder) or weak bladder.

Sexual benefits of a tighter vagina

Wthin two weeks of this minimally invasive treatment you will feel a radical improvement in regards to your issues, and this can even improve your sensation during intercourse, and that gym class you were worried about going to will be a thing of the past, as will looking for the nearest toilet fade into a memory.

Of course we suggest you continue trying to do your Kegel exercises from time to time, and finding these muscles will be easier after your Intima treatment, as the whole area just feels more firm like a comfy girdle.