Vaginismus Treatment

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Vaginismus (Dyspareunia); Treating this condition in 6-8 weeks

Women who experience involuntary tensing or spasms of the vagina, often at the outset of penetrative sex or when inserting a tampon or while getting a pelvic exam, are likely suffering Vaginismus.

This condition can make intercourse painful (dyspareunia), often leaving the sufferer distressed and embarrassed.

The Women’s Clinic’s women-led team of experienced gynaecological specialists can treat Vaginismus effectively with carefully applied muscle-relaxing injections into the bulbospongiosus muscles around the opening of the vagina. The relaxed muscles are effectively paralyzed, thus preventing them from contracting.

Application of muscle-relaxing injections to the vaginal opening, or introitus, is a painless procedure. It usually takes about 10 days for the treatment to settle and commence working. The treatment is very effective, and in most cases only one injection is necessary, with the possibility of a second around 6-8 weeks later.

We also suggest patients use vaginal diffusers initially to help relax the muscle and allow it to become accustomed to the new sensation; this ‘easing in’ also allows the brain and body to work together so as to ensure that successful intercourse will be painless and also that tampons can be used for convenience at the relevant time of the month.

We’ll be very happy to discuss both the injections and the use of diffusers with you – just get in touch using the form below.


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Vaginismus treatment


  • Difficult, painful and traumatic to insert tampons and position in the vagina
  • Painful or impossible to have vaginal sex
  • Intense pain, burning or stinging attempting to have vaginal sex
  • Pain during routine vaginal examinations such as Cervical Screening Smear Test
  • Difficult and uncomfortable to insert a finger, or dilator past the entrance of the vagina
  • For some women, even something put near their vagina can trigger fear and trauma


  • Muscle-relaxing injections – our expert gynaecology specialists apply one to two injections over 6 weeks to bring about a long-term solution for this condition.


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Read our FAQs about Vaginismus treatment

What causes Vaginismus?

Vaginismus can occur at any time in a woman’s life, but is most common in women aged from late teens to early thirties.

The muscle of the vagina (Introitus) is very powerful and designed to hold the structure of the vaginal cavity. It also has the amazing ability to open the vagina very wide for the release of a baby during childbirth and then retract to its normal state of closure.

However, in some women this muscle overdevelops, sometimes after impregnation or pregnancy, and it starts to overcompensate by forcing the vagina to remain closed. When this overcompensation occurs, the ‘closing’ reflex in women suffering from Vaginismus is so strong that the muscle can spasm, meaning intercourse and placing tampons internally becomes difficult and often painful.

Women often assume something is wrong with them and sometimes worry that they’re somehow inhibited by sex, when in fact it’s a common overdeveloped body reaction. You may have enjoyed painless penetrative sex for many years only to find that the symptoms come on very quickly. At the same time, Vaginismus does not necessarily affect the ability to become aroused.

In some instances, sexual trauma is a cause of Vaginismus. We never rule this out. There are many women who have suffered in the past and while they might now have loving partners, they’re unable to have painless penetrative sex. In this scenario our muscle relaxing injections resolve the physical issue and work well in tandem with relaxation knowledge and perhaps some psychological treatment.

Is Vaginismus treatment painful?

The treatment is very quick, the consultation and treatment can be comfortably and safely placed in the correct area within 30 minutes and you will be able to leave the clinic immediately, pain free.

How long will the Vaginismus treatment be effective?

The treatment is very effective, and in most cases only one or two treatments will be required, around 6-8 weeks apart. Usually only one muscle-relaxing injection is necessary.

The the effect of the injection(s) should last around 4-6 months, after which the patient may find that they are able to engage in painless intercourse without the need for a subsequent injection.

How quickly does Vaginismus treatment take effect?

The effect from the procedure will be felt within 10-14 days, the same amount of time that any muscle-relaxing injection treatment would take to work on muscles of the body/face.

How soon after Vaginismus treatment can I resume intercourse?

You should be able to resume normal sexual intercourse within 10-14 days.


Are there any risks or side effects to Vaginismus treatment?

There are no risks or side effects from the procedure – a precise amount of muscle-relaxant is injected into the area so that the muscle will not become too relaxed and slack.

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