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A skin tag is a small benign tumor that forms primarily in areas where the skin forms creases or rubs together, such as the neck, underarm, groin or anywhere that skin is being irritated. Sometimes even an ingrown hair may cause the growth of external skin.They may also occur on the face, usually on the eyelids.

Though tags can grow quite considerably over time, they are typically the size of a grain of rice. The surface of a skin tag may be smooth or irregular in appearance and is often raised from the surface of the skin on a fleshy stalk. Because the skin tag has a vascular content it can continue to grow. However, tags may become irritated by shaving, clothing, jewellery or eczema.

Skin tags are thought to occur from skin rubbing up against skin, since they are so often found in skin creases and folds.

Skin tags are very common, and up to 46% of the population can have at least one in their lifetime. Some people are more susceptible to tags, and the finer the skin quality the more prevalent. Skin tags have been reported to have a prevalence of 46% in the general population. They also are more common in women than in men.

Elevated blood sugar and insulin is linked to an increased incidence of skin tags, through an unknown mechanism.


Skin Tag laser removal

If removal is desired or warranted, it can be achieved safely by cauterisation with a YAG (Yttrium Aluminum Garnet) laser, and then laser excision. The combined use of both lasers ensures the correction of the growth by shutting down the blood supply to the area, before removal with the Co2 laser.

Skin tag removal is a quick and simple procedure. A small scab will form at the base of the tag at skin level, and a small antibacterial tape will be applied for a few days. The area will then heal to a small scar, which is undetectable in most cases.



Per Treatment (1-5 Skin Tags)


Questions you may have about Skin Tag removal

Is skin tag removal safe?

Skin tag removal is a safe procedure when completed by our practitioners. Performed in a clinical environment by highly skilled and trained practitioners we adhere to strict protocols that both meet and exceed all statutory regulations and requirements.

Will my skin tag grow back?

Our treatments ensure that skin tags are permanently removed but cannot prevent new tags from growing in the future.

What results will I see?

With different treatments, there are slightly different results. Skin tags are fully removed with excision removal treatment, and a small white or pink scar will remain in its place. Cryotherapy causes the skin tag to fall off naturally, but in some cases, slight discoloration of the skin and irritation may occur. This is only temporary, and the skin will gradually return to normal.

Can skin tags be removed for cosmetic reasons?

Skin tags can be removed for cosmetic reasons unless your doctor believes there are medical reasons to leave the tag in place. We are able to help many patients who cannot receive NHS treatment and we understand how important it is to provide this service – skin tags can cause low self-esteem which can be restored with a simple treatment.

How long does it take to heal after skin tag removal?

Once your skin tag has been removed, your skin may feel tender for several days afterwards and may need to be covered. You will be given full aftercare instructions, and a dressing may be applied by your practitioner if it is deemed necessary. It is extremely rare to experience complications you are free to leave the clinic as soon as the anaesthetic has worn off.

Does skin tag removal leave a scar?

Removal by excision will leave a small white or pink scar, while cryotherapy carries a small risk of scarring and discolouration.

Is skin tag removal painful?

Skin tag removal treatment is quick and virtually painless. Local anaesthetic can be applied during your tag removal procedure but if anything, the procedure is slightly uncomfortable rather than painful – but due to the speed it is not a problem.

What is the best skin tag removal method?

We offer two methods of skin tag removal – YAG and CO2. We will work with you to determine the method that is best suited to your needs.

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