So your Vagina is not going to be designed by someone ‘famous’ its just a term for it to look more ‘aesthetically’ pleasing both to you and perhaps your partner, as more women and men have access to more adult content videos especially on the internet, a certain ‘look’ in your personal area is being sought after, of course every woman is unique and there is really no right or wrong way to ‘look’, but feeling as though you could look a little more plump or your inner labia could be less ‘floppy’ can make you feel a little self conscious, also the affects of ageing, childbirth etc., may take their toll on how they used to look.

What is the Purpose of the Designer Vagina Procedure?

The purpose of a Designer Vagina Procedure can be two fold, it can correct any internal or external issues and also improve the aesthetic appearance of the area.

Vaginal Tightening:

There are several reasons and types of treatments available nowadays, firstly Vaginal Tightening to correct any laxity of the vaginal wall, usually caused by childbirth trauma and loss of hormones with the onset of menopause.  This can be carried out both surgically and non surgically nowadays, a minimally invasive laser such as CO2re Intima may take up to three treatments one month apart if the issue is severe, and this has a 7 day no intercourse protocol post procedure, a surgical procedure to reduce the length of the muscle within the vagina will require one procedure with an overnight stay, an increased risk of infection and no intercourse for up to eight (8) weeks.

Cosmetic Appearance Enhancements

Labia Reduction
Labia reduction or improvement can be achieve in two different ways as well now, with surgery removing any excess or lax skin to enhance the appearance of the area, or to help with any discomfort caused whilst wearing tighter clothes such as jeans. As this is a clinic procedure, it is performed under local anaesthetic. The patient can rest at home immediately post-procedure, and we do suggest taking one week of rest as you may experience some pain and discomfort for a few days, with some risk of infection.

Labia reduction and improvement as well as skin lightening can now be carried out with CO2 laser, the application of topical anaesthetic for 15 minutes allows for a pain free treatment, the area may have lost some volume the same way other areas such as the face become lax with age, so ‘plumping’ out the labia with an increased level of natural collagen will improve the appearance, lighten the skin if discolouration has occurred and aesthetically improve the look of the area. There is little to no risk of infection, and intercourse is not recommended for seven days. One to three treatments may be required.

Pelvic Floor Repair

Pelvic Floor Repair is a more specific medical issue, where problems such as Prolapse, Urinary Stress Incontinence and Leaky Bladder require correction. Until recently the best surgical solution was the Surgical Mesh Sling, however, this is now not an option due to some surgical complications and has been withdrawn from both Private and NHS surgery.

The surgical procedure now used is to reduce the muscle and ligament length around the pelvic area including the bladder, to allow for more comfort, lessen the pressure and need to urinate urgently. The procedure requires two weeks off work and limited exercise for six weeks or more and pain and discomfort for approximately 4-7 days.

The non surgical or minimally invasive options will take longer to show results but have little to no risk, pelvic floor exercises devices, electrical current stimulation, Physio therapy may help to some extent, a newer minimally invasive treatment is Intima this requires a laser device to be inserted Vaginally to ablate the vaginal tissue to create wound healing collagen repair, up to three treatments may be required depending on the extent of the specific issue, no discomfort is felt during the treatment, mild discomfort may occur 6-8 hours post procedure, and menstration and intercourse cannot occur for post seven (7) days.

How much does a designer vagina cost?

The varying cost of treatments depends on the type of treatment – all surgical procedures are likely to cost in the thousands of pounds due to the need for a surgical environment including administering anaesthetic.

Home devices such as the Kegel weights etc, do not cost very much, usually under £50 and are recommended to be used before and after all procedures so that good muscle tone is continued after successful treatment.

Minimally invasive treatments using ablative lasers such as the CO2RE Intima will cost from £250 for an external treatment up to £1,000 for an internal treatment depending on each individuals requirements, with most internal treatments costing £600, well within most women’s budgets, and requiring no time off work or valuable vacation time.

Compare the cost benefits of using non-surgical methods than that of cosmetic surgery

The CO2RE Intima treatment at The Women’s Clinic will solve most women’s concerns about their intimate health, a simple walk in/walk out procedure that will solve a lifetimes feminine issues with a little as one treatment and no more than three visits over three months to find the Designer Vagina that helps each woman feel and look as confident as possible with their own bodies.

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