The Women’s Clinic has only recently started offering the amazing Urolon treatment for Stress Urinary Incontinence – and already we’ve received rave reviews from two customers, which they were kind enough to give us permission to share.

Joan (not her real name) was delighted with her Urolon treatment, writing:

“After trying various options over the years to try and prevent Stress Urinary Incontinence, I was asked if I would consider going to The Women’s Clinic based in Glasgow, for a procedure with a product called Urolon. After a consultation with my private consultant, and having all my questions answered, and doing my own research, I agreed. This was a good decision to make!


“I would recommend this treatment and the clinic to any woman with incontinence issues and I already have to friends of mine with similar problems!”

Susan (not her real name) had a similar experience:

“I am a 63 year old woman, who has suffered for many years with Stress Urinary Incontinence. I grew tired of wearing incontinence garments all the time, and worried about the smell or urine, and not feeling clean. I wanted to be more involved with my active grandchildren and felt that my issues were holding me back from being a fun granny.


“I thought it would be too good to be true and would not last, but I am now three months post procedure, and my life is great.”

Founder of the Women’s Clinic, Amanda Pook, said:

“We are receiving so much positive feedback from our lovely patients about their Urolon treatments. As we knew it would, Urolon treatment has changed their lives in such a positive way.”


“The whole procedure was amazing… and like a miracle it had worked, I was dry”


Both patients were keen to stress the great care they received at The Women’s Clinic, and the simplicity of the procedure, with Joan saying:

“I arrived for the procedure and was immediately made comfortable by all the team of clinic and nursing staff and the experts who were going to perform the procedure. 20 minutes later, it was all finished! Throughout the treatment I was never left alone and had support from the staff all along.”

Susan echoed this:

“The whole procedure was amazing, a consultation in a lovely environment. I was able to ask as many questions as I wanted to, to make sure this was the solution I wanted to change my life. It really did do that IMMEDIATELY, I walked out a new woman.


“The procedure itself was very quick and comfortable. I was asked to cough when I was prepared for the procedure… I could feel the usual dribble as I coughed. Once the procedure was done, I was then asked to cough again, and like a miracle it had worked, I was dry.”

We were so glad to hear that Joan and Susan felt so welcome during their visits with us, and Amanda added:

“Urolon is such a simple straightforward treatment, with little to no discomfort, and in most cases offers an instant result. And our patients have the confidence to know that this will last for a good few years before their symptoms start coming back.”

This longevity was one the factors Susan picked out as particularly important to her:

“The Urolon treatment has been a godsend to me, and know I won’t need it again for a few years.”


“My bladder control has improved by 80-90%…  and I’ve taken up skipping!”


And both women were thrilled by the positive effect on their lifestyles

“It is as if by magic I can do all the things I could do easily when I was younger,” wrote Susan.

“I can have a coffee and not worry that it will go through me quickly, a glass of wine doesn’t cause any little mistakes, and I can be much more active with my children, and can go for walks and not worry about dashing to the toilet and not quite making it.”

Joan agreed:

“No side effects and I saw an improvement in my bladder control almost immediately but definitely within two days!


“My bladder control has improved by 80-90% and I am now able to wear smaller less bulky pads. I have also started zumba classes again and have taken up skipping!”

Changing women’s lives for the better is one of the key goals of Amanda’s work, and she said:

“Having the confidence to go back out into the world, after many years of suffering in silence, can make all the difference to our patients. With all the worries they had experienced around stress urinary incontinence, their lives had shrunk, and they had stopped doing the things they wanted to do – the incontinence controlled their lives.


“Now, they have the control back, and feel more positive, confident, and able to go out, do exercise and live life, all because they trusted the new technology of the Urolon procedure”

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