As with most aesthetic or surgical treatments, the decision to undergo Labiaplasty is one which needs a lot of consideration beforehand. It’s not surprising then that many of our clients have questions about the procedure and how it will affect them in the short, medium and long term.

Here, we address the five most commonly asked questions we get about Labiaplasty.

How quickly can I resume normal life after my Labiaplasty procedure?

You will normally find that you are comfortable again within a week following the procedure. You’ll be able to carry out normal physical activities such as walking, standing or working from day one – so no need to miss time at work while recovering.

More strenuous physical activity such as running, spin classes and intercourse will take longer to become comfortable again, usually taking approximately six weeks after the procedure. Similarly, you should avoid baths and swimming pools for around four-to-six weeks.


After having Labiaplasty, will I need to have it done again? Will the tissue grow back?

No, the excess tissue will not grow back after your procedure is complete, and so there will be no need for you to return for further treatment.


Will having Labiaplasty affect sensation?

No, sensation will not be affected, and once you have recovered from your Labiaplasty procedure, you should find that feeling and sensation are the same as before.


Will having Labiaplasty improve how I look and feel wearing tighter clothes and swimwear?

Yes, you should notice a clear improvement, as Labiaplasty will remove all of the bulking from the excess tissue.
As a result your clothing will feel more comfortable and should look dramatically improved compared to before your procedure.


Does Labiaplasty help with discomfort in the area and needing to adjust my clothing?

Yes, with the excess tissue removed, you will find that the discomfort you may feel is gone along with the constant sense of needing to adjust your clothing. Labiaplasty can help relieve you of these nagging stresses, and free you up to live your life more freely.


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