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Amanda Pook


Amanda has run her own private specialist laser practice for over 20 years, with many years of ongoing training and hands-on experience. She has also spent time training and advising other clinics on how to utilise their laser systems safely and effectively.

For many years Amanda has worked on developing the best treatments for the reduction of lines, wrinkles, stretch marks, sun damage, and all vascular issues on the face and body, as well as skin tag removal. Her passion is delivering Co2 resurfacing for ageing skin, as well as offering very specialised home care.

In 2017 Amanda acquired the advanced CO2RE Intima laser for The Women’s Clinic and she was one of the first aesthetic practitioners in the UK to become fully certified in its use. CO2RE Intima enables treatment specifically designed to assist women suffering from issues relating to menopause, ageing and urinary bladder control issues. These included stress incontinence, vaginal laxity, loss of sensation, and dryness. The same laser can also be used to safely remove tissue, such as skin tags, or excess and redundant tissue from the labia.

“Designed specifically for treating the three female intimate areas, CO2RE Intima is a revolutionary non-surgical laser tightening and resurfacing tool which helps relieve signs of childbearing and aging in the vaginal area. We are one of only a few cosmetic clinics in the UK offering this advanced treatment and, as an aesthetic practitioner of 20+ years, I and the patients we’ve treated can vouch for its rejuvenating performance”


Amanda has successfully used Intima to treat many hundreds of women over the years, and the results are pain-free and risk-free, involving only a simple ‘walk-in and walk-out’ procedure. For younger women only one treatment may be required, although more severe cases may require up to three treatments in order to see significant improvement.

Amanda has a passion to help women of all ages, who suffer both physically and mentally from the increased level of tissue surrounding the labia. Her drive is to ensure that all women who come to her clinics feel safe and listened to as they experience such private feminine and emotional issues.

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