Rejuvenating women’s intimate areas with advanced Neauvia Rose vaginal fillers

Women whose estrogen levels are declining due to menopause, surgery or after losing weight, can experience vulvar-vaginal atrophy or laxity and genitourinary syndrome. They might also be unhappy with the appearance of their labia. These conditions are often indicated by symptoms including:

– sagging, flattening or asymmetry of the labia majora
– poor vaginal lubrication
– urinary discomfort and incontinence
– burning or itching sensations
– feelings of sexual embarrassment or loss of sexual sensation
– discomfort while taking part in sport

So what can be done to counteract these issues?

The Women’s Clinic offers vaginal rejuvenation services, making use of the CO2RE Intima Laser as well as two non-invasive vaginal filler treatments from Neauvia which are specially formulated for female intimate areas:

Neauvia Intense Rose is a Hyaluronic Acid-Polyethylene Glycol (HA-PEG), designed for injecting in female genital areas. Intense Rose can replace lost tissue both within the vagina and in the external labia to improve both sensation and appearance. It restores and corrects vulva volume, firmness and shape and can rehydrate the skin and mucosa. It can also strengthen the protective role of the labia majora.

Neauvia Rejuvenation Rose Gel is an intimate visco-elastic serum our clinicians can prescribe for use at home. The serum, applied twice-daily, can slow down the aging process in the female intimate area by instantly moisturising the skin, reducing inflammation and stimulating the skin to renew. It also plumps and firms skin.

“Neauvia Intense Rose is designed to rejuvenate soft tissue and correct volume loss in the female genital area. Its extremely visco-elastic formula stimulates the formation of endogenous collagen in the injected tissue. Almost immediately after the treatment, the results of Neauvia Rose are visible with missing tissue appearing plumped up and firm”
Amanda Pook, Founder of the Women’s Clinic

The formulation of Neauvia’s vaginal filler and gel products minimises the risk of allergic reaction and, in the case of Intense Rose filler, stimulates the formation of endogenous collagen in the injected tissue. The results of Neauvia Intense Rose are almost immediately visible, with missing tissue appearing plumped up and wonderfully firm. And the results are long-lasting for up to a year.

Both Neauvia Intense Rose and Neauvia Rejuvenation Rose Gel are available through The Women’s Clinic – get in touch with us to find out more and book a consultation

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