Stress incontinence can strike at almost any time – unlike other forms of incontinence, it is caused when unexpected bodily pressure can force unwanted drops (or more) of urine out of a leaky bladder. Thankfully, there’s a quick, safe and potentially life-changing solution: Urolon®.

Sometimes all that’s needed is a sneeze, a laugh or a sudden movement; and suddenly there’s that familiar feeling of awkwardness again. Whether you’re enjoying a comedy show, riding a train to work or exercising at the gym, the potential for embarrassment and discomfort can be mere moments away.

“Women suffering the discomfort of unwanted urine leakage can experience embarrassment and compromised lifestyle choices. The menopause is a prime trigger of stress incontinence in women. Urine loss is also a post-pregnancy condition that for some women doesn’t resolve naturally.”
Amanda Pook, Founder of The Women’s Clinic

There’s no need to simply accept this as part of life however, due to a revolutionary new treatment specifically targeted at helping women suffering from stress urinary incontinence. Urolon offers a  fast,

Urolon treatment involves three small injections in the wall of the urethra, administered in a single session. The injections deliver a small payload of biologically resorbable filler which helps bulk out the urethral wall, helping the passage close properly again to prevent leakage. And the results are immediate.

“We were hugely impressed by the results of Urolon®, the new bioresorbable urethral filler specially designed to combat urine loss, which has been pioneered in the Netherlands and is now available exclusively in the UK via The Women’s Clinic. It’s a 20 minute treatment, with almost instant results. Our patient feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. Get in touch to talk to us about treating incontinence.”
Amanda Pook, Founder of The Women’s Clinic

The filler itself, a combination of a gel and polycaprolactone or PCL, supplies both a quick and easy solution to a leaky bladder and also a long term benefit. This is because the active ingredient in the PCL also stimulates the body’s own natural growth of collagen and connective tissue.

Over time this new material takes the place of the filler, which is absorbed into the body and then disposed of naturally along with other waste. This does mean that after 2 years the initial effect will have worn off, but it also has the benefit that in the unlikely event of a negative reaction (or even just a decision to change treatment approach) the Urolon will pose no lasting complication.

“I was peeing while laughing or coughing. Sometimes uncontrollably. My options seemed to be the horror of incontinence pants, lengthy kegel exercises to strengthen my pelvic floor or multiple treatments. Then I discovered Urolon. One treatment and almost instant results. It’s brilliant and The Women’s Clinic were so supportive and really expert in dealing with this intimate issue.”
Rosie, Urolon patient, Glasgow

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