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We treat Vaginal Laxity, Dryness & Prolapse plus Labial Reshaping & Stress Urinary Incontinence

Our women-led clinic specialises in cosmetic female gynaecology and treating menopausal-related conditions. Using the highly advanced CO2RE Intima laser we offer a wide range of vaginal rejuvenation and non-surgical cosmetic gynaecological treatments; all pain-free procedures.

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Non-surgical CO2RE Intima laser

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Vaginal Dryness & Painful Intercourse

Symptoms and causes

  • Tightness
  • Episiotomy Scars
  • Endometriosis 
  • Loss of natural vaginal lubrication
  • Atrophy
  • Loss of hormones 


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Large, uneven & irregular Labia


  • Discomfort

  • Too long

  • Different sizes

  • Irritation

  • Sensitivity

  • Pain


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Vagina Laxity & Prolapse


  • a feeling of heaviness around pelvis 
  • a dragging discomfort inside your vagina
  • feeling like there is something coming down into your vagina
  • feeling or seeing a bulge in the vagina
  • discomfort or numbness during sex
  • problems urinating
  • Loss of sexual sensation for both partners


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Urinary stress incontinence


  • Urinary Stress Incontinence

  • Constant urge to urinate

  • Bladder not emptying fully

  • Sudden Urge to Urinate

  • Inability to stop wanting to urinate

  • Urinating during sex


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Read our reviews

"My needs and expectations have been met fully" "Having researched several clinics, and communicating to a few shortlisted clinics, The Women Clinic really stood out to me. Amanda; The clinic owner contacted me and gave me in-depth information and advice about the (very intimate) procedure I was wanting. Her advice and support throughout the whole process were second to none. The Practitioner who carried out the procedure was also extremely supportive and professional. I felt cared for and respected from first communication to many days post-op (and continuing). I was comfortable, supported and well informed throughout each stage on the day of my surgery. Amanda was available at any time for any complications or concerns post-op (which I didn't have). I am now 1-week post-op. Amanda has gone above and beyond their duty of care to check in with me regularly. I am over the moon with the results. My needs and expectations have been met fully, and although the final results won't be evident until post-surgical healing time has passed I am 100% more confident and satisfied with the results already. I cannot recommend this clinic enough. Thank you, Amanda, keep up the good work!"


"I would like to thank you for allowing me the opportunity to trial the Co2re Intima. The procedure was explained to me thoroughly and I had complete confidence in you both, and the procedure, as I have known Amanda for many years and that she would never recommend or use a product that you did not totally believe in yourself. During the procedure I could feel a slight discomfort but no pain, I felt a slight tingling sensation for 20-30 minutes after the procedure. I received excellent after care instruction and really appreciated your telephone calls afterwards. I know that a lot of ladies would be embarrassed to discuss symptoms such as lax vaginal walls and some urinary symptoms which present particularly following childbirth but you made me feel so at ease. This is an absolute must for any lady out there who is having concerns re vaginal laxity, or urinary symptoms. I have read other reviews also and they are so positive, at last there is a treatment that can help with rather than just feeling as though we have to accept such things. I am delighted with this treatment and will have no hesitation in recommending it and Amanda. Thank you once again. "

Sharon, 46, Glasgow

“I have felt uncomfortable talking about labiaplasty for many years of my life until I heard about this all female clinic, which I went on to enquire about. Amanda made me feel right at ease with the consultation and procedure and already I’m feeling my life will be filled with a lot more confidence within myself. Highly recommend & thank you to both of you!”

Tallulah Graham

"I could not recommend this treatment highly enough. It was so easy to do and painfree,and has no downtime at all. Looking forward to being able to go jogging again."

Lisa, 52, Glasgow

Before menopause for 25 or more years we had a wonderful personal intimate life and then at 53 everything changed, and I was shocked at the change, we had gone to specialists and they couldn’t help us. So the issues that concerned us such as very dry, uncomfortable and painful that we gave up completely, and then my husband read an article about the Intima treatment and so we came for a consultation, I have had three treatments so far, and now my genuine improvements are no pain with intercourses and now no issues with dryness and my husband can feel a huge change in how I feel and we are now happily having the intimate relationship we enjoyed before menopause.

Maureen, 54

"The Womens Clinic made me feel at ease straight away when discussing the labiaplasty procedure. When I arrived at the clinic I felt looked after by Amanda and everything was fully explained to me. I am very happy with the result of the procedure and the clinic always kept in touch with me pre and post procedure. My confidence has improved significantly and I would recommend anyone to have the procedure done with this clinic!"

MJ, Wales, 37

Read our FAQs about Vaginal Rejuvenation and Urinary Stress Incontinence

Vaginal Laxity, Prolapse & Dryness

What are the symptoms of PFRS ?
  • Unpleasant sensations in the perineum (stretching, pulling and “ something dragging down”)
  • Pain in the area of the sacrum (disappears after lying down)
  • Painful and unpleasant sexual intercourse
  • Stress urinary incontinence or inability to urinate
  • Vaginal and uterine prolapse (the woman touches it or sees it)
  • Recurrent urinary system inflammations
    There might be no symptoms
How is vaginal prolapse treated?

As with most medical conditions, conservative approaches are employed first, primarily pelvic floor exercises designed to strengthen the muscles in the entire region. Women whose age or physical condition may prohibit exercise may be fitted with a pessary, a vinyl ring inserted in the vagina to hold the prolapse in place.

Surgical Treatment Options

If conservative measures fail, your physician may recommend surgery to help fix vaginal prolapse. The degree of prolapse and anatomical conditions will affect decision as to which surgical procedure to pursue. For instance, a hysterectomy (removal of the uterus) may be required when significant prolapse is present.

Laser Treatment Option

The Intima laser treatment of vaginal prolapse is carried out with the internal vaginal probe the same way as other treatments of the vaginal canal, but with the use of a slightly different setting allowing maximum treatment intensity to be adjusted for individual patients.
Even when using the high power of the laser beam the treatment remains safe, well tolerated and is practically painless.

Non-surgical Labial reduction and re-shaping

How is is done

During your consultation and following your clinical examination the procedure will be explained and your preferences discussed with you. You will be assisted and referred to a surgeon for this treatment and assisted and accompanied through your surgery and recovery.
The procedure is carried out after an application of the a topical anaesthetic (numbing cream) to the treated area to minimise any discomfort. An injection of a local anaesthetic may be offered if required.
Once your skin is numb the laser head is used to treat both labia minora step by step, using specially selected laser settings for this particular procedure.
You should feel no pain, but may expect some degree of discomfort during the treatment.
There is no bleeding as no skin gets cut and therefore there is no need for any sutures.
After the procedure, which usually lasts up to 20 minutes Sudocrem is applied to the area.

What can I expect after NLLA

You will experience a degree of swelling and some discomfort in the area shortly after the treatment. Both should usually settle within 2-3 days or longer if more intense treatment desired.

You will be given Sudocrem to apply to the area when required and full post treatment advice before you leave the clinic.

You will be comfortable to leave the clinic and drive the car.

You will also be able to pass urine without any problem.

When will I see the effects

You should see some reduction of your labia after the 1st treatment, as soon as the swelling goes down.However initially there won’t be a big difference as the process of tissue contraction can take 4-6 weeks. As NLLA is a non surgical procedure the reduction of volume, length of labia and improvement of the skin texture is achieved by an accumulative effect of repeated procedures. For best results we recommend usually 5 treatments . In some cases less or more treatments may be required to obtain a desirable result

Recovery time

The recovery time after NLLA is much faster and the risk of problems or complications significantly lower in comparison with a surgical procedure.

You should feel more or less back to normal within 7-10 days and can resume sexual intercourse after 7 days or sooner if the area feels comfortable. Moderate degree of pain and swelling normally lasts for the first few days and is often gone before the end of the first week.

Here is what can you expect following each type of procedure:


  • Pain & swelling for a few days
  • no pain on passing urine
  • no bruising
  • no need for sutures
  • treated area staying dry
  • Sudocrem applications only 
  • can continue with most of activities
  • risk of infection almost zero
  • minimal or no itching while healing
  • can resume sexual activity after 1 week
  • no time off work needed

Surgical Labiaplasty

  • much more pain & swelling for up to 3 weeks
  • initially pain on passing urine
  • bruising for over 1 week
  • sutures needing removal
  • not uncommonly wounds oozing fluid
  • application of cold packs and sometimes topical antibiotic
  • restricted activities for up to 6 weeks
  • much higher risk of infection and wound opening
  • much more itching and irritation from stitches
  • abstinence from sexual intercourse for 6 weeks
  • time off work needed
How long will it last

The final result should be permanent. The shape of your labia will naturally continue to change with age.

Is it safe

Yes, it is a very safe procedure, much safer than surgery. The result is very natural – smaller or thinner, shorter, firmer labia with better proportions and rejuvenated new skin.

Medical conditions where restrictions apply

Contraindications to the NLLA are pregnancy, active inflammation of the vagina and vulva, infection, skin diseases of this area and cancer

Urinary Stress Incontinence

Intima for vaginal symptoms

Intima treatment can provide long-term reversal of the vaginal atrophic (degenerative) changes such as thinning of the mucosa associated with discomfort, dryness, painful intercourse, sensation of burning and urinary incontinence. It has been proved to be a successful way of treating chronic vaginal pain not responding to other forms of treatment.

Intima for bladder symptoms

Intima treatment aims specifically to tighten and firm the anterior vaginal wall, thus restoring support to the base of the overlying bladder and urethra thereby improving the symptoms of urinary incontinence. There is also evidence showing that restoring bladder support reduces frequency of recurrent urinary tract infections.

How is the treatment done?

The laser produces safe pulses of laser energy delivered via a tube shaped individual and sterile vaginal probe.These pulses generate laser beams which create microscopic channels of 0.7mm (700 microns) into the vaginal mucosa at closely spaced intervals. The process causes a mini–defect in the collagen making it shrink while stimulating new collagen and elastin to grow thus bulking and rejuvenating this layer. Rotation of the probe at 360° allows treatment of the entire vaginal canal (please see the video). This leads to an overall tightening of the lax vaginal walls including the upper part of the vagina producing added support for the base of the bladder and urethra.
The initial shrinkage and secondary regeneration also causes stretching of the internal bulbs and crura (structures) of the internal portion of the clitoris resulting in enhanced sexual sensation within the vagina.

The outcome

The outcome of this procedure is the complete remodelling of the vaginal mucosa and the underlying collagen structure as well as the re-establishment of robust “younger-feeling” vaginal tissue enriched in thick and long collagen fibres. A clinical study showed that, at the three-month follow-up after the third treatment, 100% of women reported satisfaction with the treatment and 94% would recommend it to others. Additionally, 82% of women showed a statistically significant improvement in the vaginal health index.

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